Saturday, 19 November 2011

Butter Londons Nail polish Collection & Chanel Particuliere nail polish dupe

Butter London Nail polish collection & chanel particuliere nail polish dupe

Top left to right: Rosie Lee, no more Waity Katie,  Trout Pout &Muggins,
Bottom left to right: All hail the queen, Fash pack & Yummy mummy,

i got Fash Pack from a magazine a while ago, and order 4 more when my friend told me about a website that sells them for cheaper, and i got yummy mummy & Trout Pout free with this month's Madison.
i love fack pack so much, it apply ok, but i loved the colour. so i wouldn't mind trying a few more.

top left to right: Rosie, no more waity katie, Trout pout & Muggins
Bottom from left to right: All  Hail the queen, Fash pack, Yummy Mummy 

Rosie Lee: red glitter give a jelly like finish
No more waity katie: purple/ grey glitter also give a jelly like finish. (i just love the name)
all Hail the queen: a dark nude with shimmer (i think the name is a tribute to alex mcqueen? not sure)

 Trout Pout: a coral /pink shade, would love this colour o be a lip stick colour
Muggins: lilac/ milky purple, doesn't wear as nice as the other nail polish, appears running
Fash pack: my 1st one, belongs to the mushroom colour family, it looks a lot like the chanel particulliere nail polish, so i had this nail polish on one finger and compared with the chanel particuliere nail polish at the chanel counter. asked about 3 other person, and no body could tell the difference.
so i didn't end up getting the chanel nail polish. you can click on the link to go to temptalia's swatches,
her light is a lot brighter than my, so it may not do any justice.
Yummy mummy: a very nude with very little shimmer, when wear it on the nails, it looks like nothing in the bottle. i was going to get this one online, luckily i got this for free with the magzine.

temptalia's chanel-particuliere-nail-lacquer-swatches

you have to take of the lid before opening, it's good there is a sticker.

cute little bird when open.

two coat: All hail the queen, Fash pack, Yummy mummy & Muggins.

two coat: Rosie Lee, no more Waity Katie,  Trout Pout

you can get this from myer for $19? Button London has some pretty cool colours,
but when apply i dont think is as good as OPI. i think it needs to apply with care, not those nail polish that can just throw on. i spent about $55 or 60 for four of them, and got 3 of them for free.
unless there is a very speical colour that i dont have, i dont think i will spent full price on button london's nail polish.

:) shelly

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